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Mick O'Hearn
Hello!  My name is Mick O'Hearn and this is my website!  I am a veteran of the television business, having worked as an on-camera meteorologist in local TV for over seventeen years.  I still have a passion for weather forecasting, but I always wanted to try my hand at doing some other things in front of the camera.  So, I've found myself doing some acting, voice work, and even a little modeling, but you'll still find me checking out the latest forecasts! And I certainly don't rule out my return to television news as it's something I can very much relate to.

I'm working with several talent and casting agencies to get the auditions and hopefully some bookings.  It's a lot of fun and I've decided that a personal website just might help.  So here I am!  This website is a work in progress with the goal of posting more photos, video & audio clips, and updates to my resume.  If you feel like it, click on "Contact Me" and share your thoughts.  Cheers!
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